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Parent & Child Interaction Therapy

The relationship between a parent and child is one of the most foundational and influential relationships one will have in their lifetime. The interactions are so interwoven into the fabric of the child’s being that having a healthy dynamic can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

It is normal to have challenges in any relationship, especially with children. Developmentally they are learning to be independent and figuring out where and how their voice and opinion counts.

Parent and Child Interaction Therapy is evidence-based and teaches parents, through coaching, how to increase the child’s sense of comfort, security, and intimacy while also navigating the challenges of discipline and setting appropriate boundaries.

Some of the most common reasons parents seek Parent and Child Interaction Therapy:

  • tantrums
  • not listening
  • whining
  • getting in trouble at school
  • sibling rivalry
  • aggressive behaviors
  • destructive behaviors
  • embarrassing behaviors in public
  • parents feeling discouraged and overwhelmed with their child’s negative behaviors

If this sounds like a part of your experience as a parent, please reach out. There is support for you. I am here to help.